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Accelerated Cold
Accrued Vitality
Arcane Prodigy
Artifice of the Archmage
Ashen Juggernaut
Ashen Remains
Astral Protection
Biting Cold
Blood Bond
Bone Marrow Hops
Borne of Blood
Brooding Pool
Brutal Grasp
Brutal Projectiles
Brutal Vitality
Cacophonous Roar
Calculated Strikes
Call of Flame
Carnivorous Stalkers
Catastrophic Origin
Celestial Effervescence
Charitable Soul
Cheetah's Vigor
Chilled Resilience
Chilled to the Core
Clear Mind
Cloaked in Shadows
Cold Embrace
Combusting Engine
Controlled Destruction
Convocation of the Dead
Coordinated Offensive
Corrupting Leer
Count the Odds
Courageous Ascension
Crash the Ramparts
Crippling Hex
Dancing with Fate
Deadly Chain
Deadly Tandem
Debilitating Malady
Deeper Daggers
Demon Muzzle
Demonic Momentum
Demonic Parole
Demon's Touch
Depths of Insanity
Destructive Reverberations
Diabolic Bloodstone
Discipline of the Grove
Dissonant Echoes
Disturb the Peace
Diverted Energy
Divine Call
Dizzying Tumble
Druid Endurance 1
Druid Endurance 2
Druid Endurance 3
Druid Endurance Guardian 3
Druid Endurance Guardian 4
Druid Finesse 2
Druid Finesse 3
Druid Finesse 4
Druid Potency Balance 1
Druid Potency Balance 2
Druid Potency Balance 3
Druid Potency Balance 4
Druid Potency Feral 1
Druid Potency Feral 2
Druid Potency Feral 3
Druid Potency Feral 4
Druid Potency Guardian 1
Druid Potency Guardian 2
Druid Potency Kyrian 1
Druid Potency Necrolord 1
Druid Potency Night Fae 1
Druid Potency Resto 1
Druid Potency Resto 2
Druid Potency Resto 3
Druid Potency Resto 4
Druid Potency Venthyr 1
Duplicitous Havoc
Earth and Sky
Echoing Blessings
Echoing Call
Elysian Dirge
Embrace Death
Embrace of Earth
Empowered Release
Enfeebled Mark
Enkindled Spirit
Eradicating Blow
Essential Extraction
Eternal Hunger
Evasive Stride
Exhumed Soul