Royal Court Undercrawler

Royal Court Undercrawler

Account wide
1.5 sec cast

Summons and dismisses this mount.

Patents of lineage are used to demarcate the history and value of thoroughbred undercrawlers in Kaheti high society. This practice can prove somewhat difficult when said undercrawlers are prone to the sudden consumption of their record-keepers.

Vendors: Yamas the Provider, Tulumun
Zone: Azj-Kahet
Cost: 2020


Royal Court Undercrawler

Increases ground speed by 100%/60%.

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Spell Details

Spell Details
NameRoyal Court Undercrawler
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryMount
MechanicmountedSkill LineMounts
  • Can only be cast outdoors
  • Stops auto attack
  • Can only be cast out of combat
Effect #1

Mounted (Azure Water Strider - Display ID: 41711)