Decayed Saxifrage

Decayed Saxifrage

Section III - Saxifrage
Melee range
2.5 sec cast
Can't be cast in Tree of Life Form

Saxifrage is a sturdy herb that can grow in a multitude of places. While generally found in rugged locations like mountains or on cliffs, it can also be found upon the open plains or scarcely within volcanic regions.

Herbs exposed to the essence of Decay become wilted versions of their former selves. The plants are still usable, but any would-be gatherers are exposed to the Decay, afflicting them with illness. It can be worth it though, as these herbs are a dependable source of Rousing Decay.

Herbalists specialized in Decayed herbs will gain the following effect when gathering:

Controlled Decay:
Become empowered by present Decay magic. Your Overload Elemental Herb spell is recharging at 400% the normal rate.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameDecayed Saxifrage
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
Skill LineDragon Isles HerbalismSkill Difficulty100
  • Can be cast while mounted
Effect #1

Unknown Effect #302

Value: 140