Demonic Trample

Demonic Trample

Honor Talent
Instant20 sec recharge
Requires Demon Hunter
1 charge

Transform to demon form, moving at 175% increased speed for 3 sec, knocking down all enemies in your path and dealing [ 10.7% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.

During Demonic Trample you are unaffected by snares but cannot cast spells or use your normal attacks. Shares charges with Infernal Strike.

Unlocked at honor level 10


Demonic Trample

Moving at 175% increased movement speed.

Trampling targets in your path, dealing [ 10.7% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.

3 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameDemonic TrampleRankPvP Talent
Level Range0 - 0
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryGlobal
ClassDemon Hunter
Effect #1


Value: 1

Effect #2

AreaTrigger (6482)

Effect #3

Mod Mounted Speed - Stacks

Amount: +175%

Effect #4

Mod Minimum Speed

Value: 275

Effect #5


Value: 1

Effect #6

Unknown Aura #264

Value: 1

Effect #7

Change Model (Metamorphosis)