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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
Atal'Dazar: From the Shadows 120120-255 Atal'Dazar
Freehold: Dread Captain Vandegrim 120120-255 Freehold
Freehold: Pieces of Eight 120120-255 Freehold
Freehold: Veteran Man O' War 120120-255 Freehold
Kingsguard 120120-255 Kings' Rest
Shrine of the Storm: Cleansing Fonts 120120-255 Shrine of the Storm
Temple of Sethraliss: Ecological Research 120120-255 Temple of Sethraliss
Temple of Sethraliss: Navigating Currents 120120-255 Temple of Sethraliss
The MOTHERLODE!!: Elementals on the Payroll 120120-255 The MOTHERLODE!!
The Underrot: Mysterious Spores 120120-255 The Underrot
The Underrot: Restless Horror 120120-255 The Underrot
The Weaponmaster Walks Again 120120-255 Kings' Rest
Waycrest Manor: Witchy Kitchen 120120-255 Waycrest Manor