Commando Drop

Slay 5 Talrendis Lorekeepers and locate a Lorekeeper Summoning Stone somewhere within Talrendis Point.


Are you sensitive to the tremors of the local ley-lines, <name>? I can feel the occasional thrum, like the plucking of a string. It's the kind of resonance I'd expect from a long-range summoning spell. The Lorekeepers in Talrendis, with their laughably primitive magics, are trying to summon in backup from Darnassus.

We can use this to our advantage, <name>. If you can compromise their summoning stone, we can teleport a crack team of commandos behind enemy lines.

Locate the summoning stone in Talrendis!


You will also receive:

  • 6 60 (if completed at level 120)
Level 10