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Name Slots Level Source Type
Alpaca Saddlebag
3616 Bag
Madman's Luggage
3437Vendor Bag
Azureweave Expedition Pack
3460 Bag
Misty Satchel
3460 Bag
Papa's Mint Condition Bag
34100 Bag
Embroidered Deep Sea Bag
3240Crafted Bag
Hopebreaker's Pack
3250 Bag
Portable Pocket Dimension
3260 Bag
Lightless Silk Pouch
3260Crafted Bag
Scholar's Ancient Pack
3250 Bag
Wildercloth Bag
3260 Bag
Semi-Permeable Gelatinous Storage Pouch
32100 Bag
Hexweave Bag
3033Crafted Bag
Totem Tote
3035Vendor Bag
Imbued Silkweave Bag
3035Crafted Bag
Deep Sea Bag
3040Crafted Bag
Admiralty Marine's Duffel
3040Vendor Bag
Pack of Many Pockets
3040Vendor Bag
Desert Rucksack
3040 Bag
Durable Sailor's Duffel
3040 Bag
Messenger's Satchel
3050 Bag
Extra-Spacious Knapsack
301 Bag
Shrouded Cloth Bag
3051Crafted Bag
Royal Satchel
2833Crafted Bag
Gronnskin Bag
2833 Bag
Vile Stalkerskin Pouch
281 Small Treasure Chest Bag
Goat's Tote
2840 Totes Bag
Horadric Satchel
2837Unobtainable, Looted Bag
Illusionary Bag
2632Crafted Bag
Addie's Ink-Stained Satchel
2635 Bag
Portable Hole
2432Vendor Bag
Tattered Hexcloth Bag
2431 Bag
2433 Bag
Kor'kron Supply Satchel
2433Looted Bag
Silkweave Satchel
2436Crafted Bag
Crane Bag
2435 Bag
Large Green Bag
2420 Bag
"Gigantique" Bag
2231Vendor Bag
Abyssal Bag
2232Crafted Bag
Embersilk Bag
2232Crafted Bag
Papa's Brand New Bag
2232Looted Bag
Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack
2228Looted Bag
Dragon Hide Bag
2232Looted, Skinned Bag
Glacial Bag
2232Crafted Bag
Mardivas's Retention Dimension Invention
2240 Bag
Frostweave Bag
2032Crafted Bag
Papa's New Bag
2032Looted Bag
Sun Touched Satchel
2031Looted Bag
Pit Lord's Satchel
2031Looted Bag
Quiver of a Thousand Feathers
2031Crafted Bag
Primal Mooncloth Bag
2031Crafted Bag
Ebon Shadowbag
2031Crafted Bag
Ogre Diving Cap
2035Looted Bag
Demon Hide Satchel
201 Bag
Bottomless Bag
1830Crafted Bag
Core Felcloth Bag
1830Crafted Bag
Halaani Bag
1830Vendor Bag
Imbued Netherweave Bag
1831Crafted Bag
Explorer's Pack
1835Vendor Bag
181Looted Bag
Netherweave Bag
1630Crafted Bag
Pumpkin Bag
161Looted Bag
Gnoll Skin Bandolier
1630 Bag
Harpy Hide Quiver
1630 Bag
Darkmoon Storage Box
1624Vendor Bag
Felcloth Bag
1628Crafted Bag
Traveler's Backpack
1628Looted, Pick Pocketed Bag
Mooncloth Bag
1630Crafted Bag
Wayfarer's Knapsack
1628Looted Bag
Bilgewater Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Darnassian Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Exodar Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Ironforge Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Undercity Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Gnomeregan Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Stormwind Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Gilnean Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Orgrimmar Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Thunder Bluff Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Silvermoon Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Darkspear Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Huojin Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Tushui Satchel
1630Vendor Bag
Lucky Satchel
1633 Bag
Clefthoof Hide Satchel
1633Vendor Bag
Thick Hide Pack
1430Vendor Bag
"Carriage" Signature Bag
1420Vendor Bag
Troll-Hide Bag
1424Looted Bag
Journeyman's Backpack
1424Looted Bag
Runecloth Bag
1427Crafted Bag
Soul Pouch
1427Crafted Bag
Draenic Leather Pack
1430Vendor Bag
Deathweave Bag
1220 Bag
Explorer's Knapsack
1235 Bag
Huge Brown Sack
1220Vendor Bag
Large Knapsack
1220Looted, Fished Bag
Red Mageweave Bag
1220Crafted Bag
Mageweave Bag
1220Crafted Bag
Tunk's Trunk
125 Bag
Snakeskin Bag
1013Looted Bag