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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Catastrophic Skeleton Infestation

The problem has gotten even worse, and rogue Skeletons have run amok in a giant swarm. Snuff them out, and you will have my thanks!

609.0 Encounter - Maldraxxus8005 6 hrs500
Catch the Anima Smugglers

A group of anima smugglers are attemping to steal anima rations from the deserving. End them.

609.0 Encounter - Revendreth8005 4 hrs500
Control the Verdant Prowlers

A pack of verdant prowlers have gone wild and are savaging the Garden of Night. Put them down.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 8 hrs500
Dark Goliath's Rampage

This proud goliath has been co-opted by the Forsworn and turned against us. Restrain him as best you can.

609.0 Encounter - Bastion8005 12 hrs500
Deifir the Untamed

The leader of the hive is causing no end of issues. Terminate him with prejudice.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 12 hrs500
Dispose of the Detritus

A small number of skeletons have run amok in the Bone Pits. Disposing of them should be a simple task.

609.0 Encounter - Maldraxxus8005 60 sec500
Erezuel and His Pack Rare

Suppressing the Verdant Prowler population has infuriated Erezuel, and he seeks revenge.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 12 hrs500
Gorm Infestation

The Gorm are once again draining anima from the land. Eliminate them.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 8 hrs500
Gorm Swarm

A massive pack of Gorm is rampaging across the earth. Lay them to rest.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 8 hrs500
JasonTest Mission

Send your followers to the location noted on the map. We have word Horde spies have gotten wind of the location, it is now a race.

608.2 Azerite Essence - Treasure8005 2 days500
Necromancer's Lair

The source of the Swarming Skeletons has become clear, as a Necromancer raises his grim visage in support of his minions. Crush their defiance at once!

609.0 Encounter - Maldraxxus8005 8 hrs500
Rot-Heart's Final Rest

A noble ancient has gone berserk due to anima starvatation. Lay them to rest with dignity.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 12 hrs500
Spinal Swarm Rare

More skeletons are breaking free in the wake of the accident at the Bone Pits. Break them up.

609.0 Encounter - Maldraxxus8005 60 sec500
Wolfram Alpha Rare

You've enraged the leader of the pack and he's joined his cohorts.

609.0 Encounter - Ardenweald8005 2 days500