Mark of the Wild

Mark of the Wild

Druid - Restoration Spec
75% of Base Mana40 yd range
Requires Druid (Restoration)
Limited to 1 target(s)

Infuse a friendly target with the power of the wild, increasing their Strength, Agility, and Intellect by 5% and their Stamina by 0%. Only one ally may be marked at a time.


Mark of the Wild


Strength, Agility, and Intellect increased by 5%. Stamina increased by 0%

60 minutes remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameMark of the Wild
SchoolsNatureDamage TypeMagic
Global Cooldown1.5 secCooldown CategoryGlobal
Dispel TypeMagicClassDruid
  • Generates no threat
  • Cannot target self

Mod Stat (Agility)

Amount: 5%