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Name Slots Level Source Type
Undying Bag
32110 Bag
Madman's Luggage
34110 Bow
Hexweave Bag
3090Crafted Bow
Totem Tote
30100Vendor Bow
Royal Satchel
2890Crafted Bow
Gronnskin Bag
2890Vendor Bow
Vile Stalkerskin Pouch
281 Small Treasure Chest Bow
Illusionary Bag
2683Crafted Bow
Addie's Ink-Stained Satchel
26101 Note-Eating Goats Bow
Portable Hole
2480Vendor Bow
Tattered Hexcloth Bag
2470 The Hex Lord's Fetish Bow
2485 Bow
Kor'kron Supply Satchel
2490 Bow
Silkweave Satchel
24104Crafted Bow
Crane Bag
24100 Bow
"Gigantique" Bag
2270Vendor Bow
Abyssal Bag
2280Crafted Bow
Embersilk Bag
2283Crafted Bow
Papa's Brand New Bag
2280 Bow
Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack
2255Looted Bow
Dragon Hide Bag
2280Looted Bow
Glacial Bag
2280Crafted Bow
Frostweave Bag
2080Crafted Bow
Papa's New Bag
2080Looted Bow
Primal Mooncloth Bag
2070Crafted Bow
Ebon Shadowbag
2075Crafted Bow
Sun Touched Satchel
2070Looted Bow
Pit Lord's Satchel
2070Looted Bow
Quiver of a Thousand Feathers
2070Crafted Bow
Ogre Diving Cap
20100 Watertight Bag Bow
Demon Hide Satchel
201 Bow
Bottomless Bag
1862Crafted Bow
Core Felcloth Bag
1860Crafted Bow
181 Bow
Halaani Bag
1860Vendor Bow
Imbued Netherweave Bag
1868Crafted Bow
Explorer's Pack
18100Vendor Bow
Netherweave Bag
1663Crafted Bow
Pumpkin Bag
161 Bow
Gnoll Skin Bandolier
1660 Bow
Harpy Hide Quiver
1660 Bow
Darkmoon Storage Box
1645Vendor Bow
Felcloth Bag
1657Crafted Bow
Traveler's Backpack
1655Looted Bow
Mooncloth Bag
1660Crafted Bow
Wayfarer's Knapsack
1656Looted Bow
Bilgewater Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Darnassian Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Exodar Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Ironforge Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Undercity Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Gnomeregan Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Stormwind Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Gilnean Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Orgrimmar Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Thunder Bluff Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Silvermoon Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Darkspear Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Huojin Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Tushui Satchel
1663Vendor Bow
Lucky Satchel
1690 Bow
Clefthoof Hide Satchel
1690Vendor Bow
Thick Hide Pack
1460Vendor Bow
"Carriage" Signature Bag
1435Vendor Bow
Troll-Hide Bag
1445 Bow
Journeyman's Backpack
1445Looted Bow
Runecloth Bag
1452Crafted Bow
Soul Pouch
1452Crafted Bow
Draenic Leather Pack
1460Vendor Bow
Deathweave Bag
1235 Bow
Explorer's Knapsack
1235 Bow
Huge Brown Sack
1235Vendor Bow
Large Knapsack
1235Looted Bow
Red Mageweave Bag
1235Crafted Bow
Mageweave Bag
1235Crafted Bow
Snakeskin Bag
1025Looted Bow
Black Silk Pack
1025Crafted Bow
Green Silk Pack
1025Crafted Bow
Large Brown Sack
1025Looted Bow
Large Green Sack
1025Looted Bow
Small Silk Pack
1025Crafted Bow
Murloc Skin Bag
1025Looted Bow
Large Rucksack
1025 Bow
Fel Steed Saddlebags
1025Looted Bow
Large Red Sack
1025 Bow
Large Blue Sack
1025Looted Bow
Heavy Brown Bag
1025Vendor Bow
Empty Town-In-A-Box
85 Bow
"Collecting" Bag
85 Manhunt Bow
Prospector's Bag
85 Priceless Treasures Bow
Shipwright's Bag
81 Bow
Headsman's Bag
85 Bow
Kodo Saddlebag
85 Bow
Dream Carrier
85 The Relics of Wakening Bow
Kron's New Hunting Bag
85 Lost But Not Forgotten Bow
Message Carrier
85 Still Assessing the Threat Bow
Nolkai's Bag
815 Bow
Brown Leather Satchel
815Vendor Bow
Blue Leather Bag
815Looted Bow
Captain Sanders' Booty Bag
815 Bow