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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Plate of Resounding Rings
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Warrior
Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear 39785          Plate Warrior
Earthen Warplate 35985          Plate Warrior
Gladiator's Battlegear 35285          Plate Warrior
Wrynn's Battlegear 23280          Plate Warrior
Dreadnaught Battlegear 20080          Plate Warrior
Dreadnaught Plate 20080          Plate Warrior
Onslaught Armor 146-15470                Plate Warrior
Onslaught Battlegear 146-15470                Plate Warrior
Destroyer Armor 13370          Plate Warrior
Gladiator's Battlegear 12370          Plate Warrior
Gladiator's Battlegear 12370          Plate Warrior
Warbringer Armor 12070          Plate Warrior
Grand Marshal's Battlegear 11570          Plate Warrior
Conqueror's Battlegear 78-8860          Plate Warrior
Battlegear of Wrath 7660                Plate Warrior
Warlord's Battlegear 71-7460            Plate Warrior
Battlegear of Might 6660                Plate Warrior
Champion's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Champion's Battlegear 6358            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Battlegear 6358            Plate Warrior
Vindicator's Battlegear 61-6560          Plate, Necklace, Trinket Warrior
Dreadnaught's Battlegear 86-9260                  Plate, Ring Warrior
Battlegear of Unyielding Strength 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Axe Warrior
Gladiator's Battlegear 660100          Warrior
Battleplate of Resounding Rings
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Warrior
Colossal Dragonplate Armor 39785          Warrior
Molten Giant Battleplate 37885          Warrior
Molten Giant Warplate 37885          Warrior
Earthen Battleplate
Tier 11 Raid Set
35985          Warrior
Gladiator's Battlegear 33985          Warrior
Ymirjar Lord's Battlegear 25180          Warrior
Ymirjar Lord's Plate 25180          Warrior
Hellscream's Battlegear 23280          Warrior
Hellscream's Plate 23280          Warrior
Wrynn's Plate 23280          Warrior
Siegebreaker Battlegear 21980          Warrior
Siegebreaker Plate 21980          Warrior
Destroyer Battlegear 13370          Warrior
Gladiator's Desecration 12370          Warrior
Warbringer Battlegear 12070          Warrior
High Warlord's Battlegear 11570          Warrior
Savage Plate Battlegear 11570          Warrior
Field Marshal's Battlegear 71-7460            Warrior