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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Gladiator's Vestments 660100          Rogue
Battlegear of the Thousandfold Blades
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Leather Rogue
Blackfang Battleweave 39785          Rogue
Vestments of the Dark Phoenix 37885          Rogue
Wind Dancer's Regalia 35985          Leather Rogue
Gladiator's Vestments 35285          Leather Rogue
Gladiator's Vestments 33985          Rogue
Shadowblade's Battlegear 25180          Rogue
Garona's Battlegear 23280          Leather Rogue
VanCleef's Battlegear 23280          Leather Rogue
Terrorblade Battlegear 21980          Rogue
Bonescythe Battlegear 20080          Leather Rogue
Slayer's Armor 146-15470                Leather Rogue
Deathmantle 13370          Leather Rogue
Gladiator's Vestments 12370          Rogue
Gladiator's Vestments 12370          Leather Rogue
Netherblade 12070          Leather Rogue
Grand Marshal's Vestments 11570          Rogue
High Warlord's Vestments 11570          Rogue
Opportunist's Battlegear 11570          Rogue
Bonescythe Armor 86-9260                  Leather Rogue
Deathdealer's Embrace 78-8860          Leather Rogue
Bloodfang Armor 7660                Rogue
Field Marshal's Vestments 71-7460            Rogue
Warlord's Vestments 71-7460            Rogue
Nightslayer Armor 6660                Leather Rogue
Champion's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Emblems of Veiled Shadows 65-7060      Cloak, Dagger Rogue
Champion's Vestments 6358            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Vestments 6358            Leather Rogue
Madcap's Outfit 61-6560          Leather Rogue