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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Gladiator's Vindication 660100          Paladin
White Tiger Battlegear
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Paladin
White Tiger Plate
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Paladin
White Tiger Vestments
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Paladin
Armor of Radiant Glory 39785          Paladin
Battleplate of Radiant Glory 39785          Paladin
Regalia of Radiant Glory 39785          Plate Paladin
Battlearmor of Immolation 37885          Plate Paladin
Battleplate of Immolation 37885          Paladin
Regalia of Immolation 37885          Paladin
Reinforced Sapphirium Battlearmor 35985          Paladin
Reinforced Sapphirium Battleplate 35985          Plate Paladin
Reinforced Sapphirium Regalia 35985          Plate Paladin
Gladiator's Redemption 35285          Plate Paladin
Gladiator's Vindication 35285          Paladin
Gladiator's Redemption 33985          Paladin
Gladiator's Vindication 33985          Paladin
Lightsworn Battlegear 25180          Paladin
Lightsworn Garb 25180          Paladin
Lightsworn Plate 25180          Paladin
Liadrin's Battlegear 23280          Paladin
Liadrin's Garb 23280          Paladin
Liadrin's Plate 23280          Paladin
Turalyon's Battlegear 23280          Paladin
Turalyon's Garb 23280          Paladin
Turalyon's Plate 23280          Paladin
Aegis Battlegear 21980          Paladin
Aegis Plate 21980          Paladin
Aegis Regalia 21980          Paladin
Redemption Battlegear 20080          Plate Paladin
Redemption Plate 20080          Paladin
Redemption Regalia 20080          Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Armor 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Battlegear 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Raiment 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Crystalforge Armor 13370          Paladin
Crystalforge Battlegear 13370          Paladin
Crystalforge Raiment 13370          Paladin
Gladiator's Aegis 12370          Plate Paladin
Gladiator's Redemption 12370          Plate Paladin
Gladiator's Redemption 12370          Paladin
Gladiator's Vindication 12370          Plate Paladin
Gladiator's Vindication 12370          Paladin
Justicar Armor 12070          Paladin
Justicar Battlegear 12070          Paladin
Justicar Raiment 12070          Plate Paladin
Crusader's Ornamented Battlegear 11570          Plate Paladin
Crusader's Scaled Battlegear 11570          Paladin
Grand Marshal's Aegis 11570          Plate Paladin
Grand Marshal's Redemption 11570          Plate Paladin
Grand Marshal's Vindication 11570          Paladin
High Warlord's Aegis 11570          Paladin
High Warlord's Redemption 11570          Paladin
High Warlord's Vindication 11570          Paladin
Redemption Armor 86-9260                  Plate Paladin
Avenger's Battlegear 78-8860          Plate Paladin
Judgement Armor 7660                Plate Paladin
Field Marshal's Aegis 71-7460            Paladin
Warlord's Aegis 71-7460            Plate Paladin
Lawbringer Armor 6660                Plate Paladin
Champion's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Battlegear of Eternal Justice 65-7060      Cloak, One-handed Sword Paladin
The Defiler's Resolve 63-6558-60      Plate Paladin
The Highlander's Resolve 63-6558-60      Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Aegis 6358            Plate Paladin
Freethinker's Armor 61-6560          Necklace Paladin